Accelerate Business Transformation

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are the next frontier of the company transformation. We’re faced with increasingly present, disrupting technologies, that can make company processes more intelligent and, therefore, more able to bring a real added value to the business, thus, in some cases, opening completely new scenarios.

The companies that intend to increase their value and competitiveness cannot do without the innovation deriving from the introduction of artificial intelligence and of machine learning in its business processes. Nonetheless, how to carry it out is often unknown territory for companies.

The challenge is clarifying what exactly is Machine Learning  and understanding the way in which it may offer concrete solutions to business challenges. The course is aimed at providing the tools, methods and best practices to implement in company contexts, identifying challenging and concrete innovation targets.

Attending this course means setting the basis to build a new professionalism, one that looks ahead, and able to meet the companies’ emerging needs. It means acquiring the necessary skills, both theoretical and practical, to start innovation journeys with Machine Learning, adopting a systemic approach to the strategic, organizational and operational  management of projects.

Participants will familiarize themselves with the state of the art technology, with the potential features, limits and necessary requirements for a successful project of Machine Learning and will be able to adjust it to their own company context and reference market. The course has been designed to increase and speed up the participants’ professional growth, providing them with high added value tools, that can be immediately used in their businesses.

To bring innovation at the heart of the company, to carve out a distinct role for ourselves in the companies of the future, to understand the future of companies, to master the technologies that will be our life- and workmates in the future.

Artificial intelligence is changing our lives, our society and our way of doing business. Being aware of these changes, mastering the techniques that cause them and understanding their scope in the short and medium term will be essential to the survival of many companies. This course offers “survival tools” that in many cases can also become development and growth tools.

Those who’ll be able to master machine learning will have a competitive advantage for their future career. What you’ll get at the end of the program isn’t simply being knowledgeable about a technology, as disruptive as it may be, but the ability to use it to foster real business topics: a value that no company nowadays can afford to ignore.

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