General Management Program

The General Management Program allows the rapid growth of high potential young people or of company experts by providing an overall view of  business functions and management tools. Engaging teaching methods, analysis of real-life experiences, simulation using business games allow acquiring an understanding of the full spectrum of corporate dynamics.

Today’s businesses need professionals who are able to understand the responsibilities connected to their role and who are also able to interpret it proactively and dynamically, to tackle the organization’s changing needs.

An enlarged view of all managerial aspects concerning the main corporate functions will allow participants to gain a greater understanding of how their choices can impact on other areas and consequently make internal decision-making processes more fluid. It is possible to attend the General Management Program in the evening edition (18 evenings, from 6.30pm to 10 pm on Tuesday and Thursday) or in the part-time edition (12 days from 9.15 am to 17.45 pm on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday).

The program deals with the main topics related to Business Management, such as: Strategy, Costs, Corporate Finance, Marketing, Sales, Supply Chain, Innovation, Business Plan, People Management and it ends with a business game in which participants learn to take the necessary decisions for a correct business management.

For the evening program, based upon the consolidated experiences of the General Management Program, please go to the page of the Open Program Management Accelerated Program course. The General Management Program aims at being a significant experience in the participants’ managerial development journey; for this reason the program includes full time residential meetings alternating with periods of distance further study with the support of teaching tutors.

As time is a precious resource and managers never have enough of it, classroom lectures entail a high degree of involvement and a strong interaction with the faculty, with the aim of creating that added value that is the course’s target. Efficiency, speed and reliability of the operations processes are the performance areas in which we have to act daily, and this applies to industrial businesses as well as to services.

In order to achieve the operations excellence goals that competitors and customers force us into, what we need is an in-depth knowledge of the fundamental principles of production management and logistics, a sound mastery of the technical and organizational best practices, on top of being constantly updated on the most advanced application experience.

The course allows improving quality, constantly optimizing processes and eliminating useless resource wastes. Attending this course means taking an important step to gain effectiveness and efficiency. Lectures are held by a faculty that includes academics, consultants and corporate managers, plus the enriching exchange of views with the other participants. The course consists of 10 classroom days (Fridays and Saturdays), five months in total.

Transforming operations into a source of competitive advantage means being able to integrate these three elements into a consistent vision and pursuing it with tenacity and determination. The course also deals with topics such as  Operations Strategy, Planning and Control, Manufacturing Management, Logistics Management  and Service Operations Management. In addition, the course also features three seminars:  Cost Management and production decisions, Change Management  and Digital Operations Management.

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