Marketing Management’s Course

The Marketing Management’s course is aimed at helping students generating more value for the client and making them become drivers of growth on an international scale. The course allows students to acquire the techniques and tools necessary to plan and manage a company sales and marketing division using both disciplines in an integrated approach, one that distinguishes this course from the rest of the offer in the Italian landscape of advanced training.

The advantage of a systemic view is the ability of analyzing, building and communicating to the market the value of one’s product, by way of an efficient positioning strategy and the identification of the most suitable distribution network.

Attending the Marketing Management’s course means accessing the beating heart of companies, developing a focus on how to make things happen. The career prospects in the sales area are confirmed as being on the rise and very dynamic, as determination and ambition make the difference for those wishing to start a career both as a consultant or for a company.

The Master’s features 12 months of study, divided into two cycles of classroom lessons and a final internship with one of the companies partners of Bologna Business School. With their collaboration a program was developed, alternating the fundamental elements of marketing and management with the individual and team business-oriented case studies analysis.

To transform value into economic targets for companies, get in touch with the course program manager and book an interview for further information. Defining the company’s marketing objectives and the tools through which these objectives can be achieved is the basis of commercial success within the current competitive scenario.

Identifying customers, understanding their needs, developing products and services that can satisfy them are essential skills for a successful company. However, these capabilities must also be supported by an effective sales and distribution strategy. The Master in Marketing Management allows you to develop sensitivity to market orientation and support it through practical tools that allow you to create value for the company and for customers.

The Management Master’s course serves to complete your university background opening up to new opportunities on the labor market. Starting from management skills and master lectures on real corporate case studies, the course provides skills and tools, necessary to start a business career with the best training and the right motivation, to manage enterprises and projects. This journey develops the ability to quickly adjust to organizational environments, first of all through the direct contact with managers and professionals, and then thanks to the internship in a company, aimed at matching participants’ aspirations with the labor market needs.

Students will have the chance of entering a business network and the alumni community, an invaluable international network to take the first steps of a managerial career. Choosing the Management Master’s course means having a strong motivation and putting oneself to the test with other people sharing the same objective: a change-oriented experience that by honing personal abilities and the previously acquired specialist technical cultural baggage, helps making an informed choice about one’s own professional future.

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