Master In Finance And Fintech

The Master in Finance and Fintech aims to enable young professionals to deal with the digital transformation that is disruptively changing the financial market, by combining traditional financial skills with deep understanding of new digital technologies. The new emerging technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and big data analytics are deeply modifying the landscape of the financial market, creating immense opportunities for incumbent players but also serious threats from innovative start-ups.

The use of new technologies for financial applications has become vital for banking and insurance companies, which must acquire a thorough understanding of these tools to continue competing in the changing world. Peer-to-peer lending, mobile payments and Insurtech are not futurist trends, but factual reality. To seize the opportunities and face the challenges offered by the digital era, the Master in Fintech trains young professionals to act as a link between the management and the computer scientists, taking part in the development of new digital financial businesses.

Thanks to Bologna Business School’s numerous collaborations with leading players in the digital sector, these new generation of managers, equally grounded on financial competencies and on new technologies, will be able to anticipate, intercept, and exploit the new trends in the financial industry. The explosion of digital technologies in the financial markets has generated an enormous need for figures at ease both with traditional financial competencies, as well as in translating them in new digital solutions and applications. Students are offered an innovative cross-sector didactical approach, capable of granting them a strong competitive advantage, while responding to a new need of the market.

The Master in Fintech is designed for graduate students with excellent knowledge of English, interested in the financial technology sector (“fintech”), as they will learn along with the traditional finance skills, new competencies in new technologies such as AI, big data analytics, blockchain, with the prospect of professional growth in managerial functions connecting technical specialists and finance departments. The program, which is entirely in English, includes two classroom-based terms and concludes with a final internship of 500 hours.

Thanks to the innovative technologies of BBS you can follow the master online as well. One year after the passing of Fabrizio Saccomanni, member of the Bologna Business School’s Board of Governors, the School intends to honour his memory through 3 full scholarships for the students of the Master in Finance and Fintech.

Fabrizio Saccomanni worked at the International Monetary Fund and later at the Bank of Italy of which he became General Director. He held numerous positions at the top of national and international economic institutions, until he was appointed as Italian Minister of Economy and Finance. Subsequently he was President of Unicredit.

Bologna Business School remembers him having had the privilege of appreciating his professional, academic and human qualities. The scholarships in honor of Fabrizio Saccomanni will be granted to the 3 top-ranked candidates in the selections for the Master in Finance and Fintech that will be held on October 6 2020. The deadline to register for the selections is September 28 2020.

Traditional financial institutions and Fintech startups need new professionals in order to translate the digital transformation in a competitive advantage: get in touch with the course program manager to become a key actor of this transformation.

The technological innovation will profoundly change the structure of the financial market and only through the deep understanding of the digital technological innovations will be possible to survive and compete with new business modes. Today the market players, banks and insurance companies have a huge advantage of position and protection which is provided by the rules system. However, the speed of change can risk the survival of profitable business areas.

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