The App For Less Gifted Men Looking For A Partner

If you are one of those men who consider themselves “not very gifted” and you think that is why you have not managed to find a girl who is by your side, in Curiosity of the day, we bring you the great novelty: Dinky One .

As is known, the applications: Tinder, Badoo or Meetic, are the most relevant in the online dating section. Thousands and millions of users register in them and in many cases things go well (in others, hours of experience). That does not mean that they are the only options for those people who want to find someone through the Internet. There are more and more dating platforms that are geared towards more specific segments of the population.

Dinky One, the application of the moment

British application designed so that those men who have “a small member” can find a partner.

“If you think your penis size is less than average, you don’t have to be ashamed. In Dinky One all the men have a small penis. This means that anyone with whom you have an appointment will be aware of it and thus you will not feel any pressure or anxiety ”, is the description that can be read in the description of the website.

There is great pressure on all genres to conform to the ideals set by television, film, and even the adult industry. The adult entertainment industry only shows men who are much larger than average. Also, ads on major adult content sites advertise questionable products to increase size.

All of this makes a man who is already insecure about his size even more self-conscious. The Dinky One app allows younger men to date people outside of their circle of friends with the assurance that everyone who uses the site is fully aware.

– David Minns , founder of the Dinky One app

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