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The Global MBA of Bologna Business School is a 12-month program that brings students in an enriching journey towards the discovery of the excellence and luxury of Made in Italy. During this year, students will have the opportunity to develop a solid understanding of how business organizations operate in a global environment and also extend their knowledge on four different concentrations.

Through learning fundamentals and cutting-edge concepts in management, students will develop the necessary competences and network to become leading actors in the promotion of constructive changes in their organizations and societies. The EPAS accreditation guarantees the presence of the most qualified faculty and leading practitioners who bring their experience and vision into the classroom to help students mastering the complexity of organizations and psychology of people.

The Global MBA is supported by an expanding network of Italian and International leading companies that participate in the design, implementation, and execution of the program as well as offering students interesting career and personal development opportunities. Global MBA students will participate in career workshop and personal development training that will help them gaining confidence in their unique talents and acquire the necessary resources to achieve their professional goals and turn their passions into a successful career.

At Bologna Business School, students will be immersed in a global community: we are embedded in one of the oldest Universities of the world, our students come from all over the world and we are located in the heart of Italy and in the heart of Europe. Come to study at Bologna Business School to live the best of the Italian experience at international standards.

The Global MBA is EPAS accredited. EPAS is an international program accreditation system operated by EFMD (European Foundation of Management Development). It aims to evaluate the quality of any business and/or management program that has an international perspective and, where of an appropriately high quality, to accredit it.

This MBA is unique in that it truly is global, with classmates from all over the world. The MBA further developed my business thinking and broadened by career horizons. It exposed me to unique opportunities and experiences. The courses have given me confidence to pursue my passions and make a career out of them.

The Program is one of the first and among the best in Europe that successfully merges business with global environmental and sustainability issues. The strength of this MBA is that students work with real startups throughout the course where they can immediately apply the theoretical knowledge and analytical skills they acquire during the course.

The constant global immersion as you interact with students from all over the world, facing challenges together while acquiring new skills and approaches to business is unprecedented. This maximizes your networking potential and peer learning opportunities throughout the year and beyond.

Deciding to do my MBA at BBS has been a game changer both professionally and personally; you discover what you are truly capable of. Learning from industry leaders was a priceless experience, and BBS has an incredible faculty who are open to their students. I will forever value my time in Italy and the special friendships built during the program.

My experience at BBS has reshaped my lifestyle and helped me achieve balance between my long-term career development and my everyday life. Fascinated by minds of scholars and colleagues from every corner of the world in class, I was equally inspired by the food and street musicians off class. A special bonus: I now speak Italian. La vita è veramente bella a Bologna!

I was looking to pivot my career in finance to focus on the renewable energy sector. The program allowed me to do just that. It was both thought-provoking and challenging, offering me the opportunity to collaborate with and befriend people from around the globe. I now have a network of classmates that live and work all over the world.

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